Lord Rama

Lord Rama is the seventh incarnation of the god Vishnu - Vishnu is the name given to the protector and sustainer of the Universe. The story of the birth of Lord Ram and his union with Sitaji is as follows:Thousands of years ago there lived in India a great king called Dasharath. He was a ruler of the kingdom of Kausal. The capital of the kingdom was Ayoodya. King Dasharath had three queens. The eldest queen was Kaushalya, second was Kaikeyi and the youngest was Sumitra. King Dasharath was getting old. He had no heirs and was therefore very worried. One day King Dasharath went to see his guru ( a teacher - but guru does not only impart education but also gives inspiration and passes on experience and knowledge) Vashihtha and on his inspiration a Havan was performed and the Lord of Agni (fire) gave a special Prashad which the queens were asked to eat. In time all the three queens were blessed with sons. Kaushalya gave birth to Rama, Kaikeyi to Bharat and Sumitra was blessed with twins Laxman and Shatrughna.From childhood Ram and Laxman were always in company of each other and Bharat and Shatrughana were always seen together. All four went to Guru Vashihta's Gurukul (boarding school) - on top of the academic education they also had training in Political Science and were groomed to become just and righteous kings in the future.After completing their education Ram and Laxman travelled to the kingdom of Janaka, the king of Mithila. King Janaka had a beautiful daughter called 'Sita'. King Janaka made a condition that the prince who could lift the bow of Lord Shiv and string it would receive the hand of Sita in marriage. Many of the princes made the attempt but failed. This included Ravana - the mighty king of Lanka. On the request of rishi Vishvamitra, Rama accepted the challenge. Ram lifted the bow effortlessly, and as he began to string it, the bow broke into pieces. All expressed surprise at the amazing strength of Rama. Sita garlanded Rama to show that she had chosen him as her bridegroom. On hearing the news Dasharath came to Mithila with his guru. Here not only did Sita marry Ram but Bharat married Mandvi (daughter of his uncle), Laxman married Urmila and Shatrugan married Shrutikirti (both younger sisters of Sita).

Ram's history is lengthy and interesting and can be read in the Ramayana which is available in English.