Radha Krishna

The stories of Krishna are very interesting, and tell us how attractive and powerful he was. Even though he was a human, because of his extraordinary nature, he was regarded as the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was born in a prison were his innocent parents were locked up by his cruel uncle Kansa. Krishna's father smuggled the baby out of prison and left him with Yashoda and Nand in a beautiful village near Brindavan in the north of India. Krishna was very genial and liked by all.Yashoda brought him up and often adorned him with peacock feathers in his long hair.
Krishna always carried a flute and his music attracted everyone. With elder brother Balram and all their friends, he took the cows to graze. In the forest they had a wonderful time. As a young boy, Krishna played many mischievous tricks. He often stole butter ("makhan") and distributed it among his friends. He teased the Gopies (girls who kept cows) and made light hearted fun of them. While he was a hero to all the friends and all the people in his village, he was a threat to all the evil doers.
Krishna's life was dedicated to protecting innocent people. He was very wise and a brave fighter. He was an expert in using several weapons. Sudarshan was his magic disc and Kaumodaki his mace (club). The sound of his conch made his enemies tremble. He killed thousands of demons. Many of Krishna's stories are about fighting for justice. He supported the Pandvas, who were good and innocent. They suffered a lot from their cousins the Kauravas, who were wicked. When there was a great war between them at Kurukshetra, Krishna helped the Pandvas in many ways and secured their victory. His preaching to Aruja on the battlefield is popularly known as 'Gita', a poem of philosophy. The Gita is a sacred book for Hindus.
The devotees of Krishna have described his glorious character through their composition of stories, songs and plays. The River Yamuna, the city of Mathura, the beautiful Brindravan, the harbour of Dwarka and Kurushetra are some of the places in India which are associated with events in Krishna's life. MeeraBai, Surdas and Narshi Mehta are among the prominent poets who were devotees of Krishna.
Several Hindu festivals celebrate different but significant incidents in life of Krishna.
During Diwali - people commemorate his slaying of the demons Narakasur and freeing of many women slaves kept by the demon. During Holi - people remember and sing about divine love between Radha and Krishna.
During Annakut - which comes in the Diwali period, people remember how Krishna saved the village of Gokul from torrential rains and floods, helping them to take shelter under a hill called Goverdhana. During Navaratri - people play Raas to commemorate the eternal love between Krishna and Gopies at Brindravan.
Gita Jayanti - the Holy Gita is read with devotion. Janmashtami - Is celebrated to mark Lord Krishna's Birthday.
Radha was not Krishna's wife. Radha was his divine love and today Radha and Krishna are in Hindu temples together to mark their love and devotion to each other.