Saint Shree Jalarambapa

Jalaram bapa is revered by many people around the world for his saintly qualities and his ability to work miracles, but most of all he is remembered for his selfless acts of charity.
He was one who lived for God and who saw God in every beggar and every child. Jalaram bapa had the greatest respect for humanity and in seeking to become one of its servants, became one of its saints. Although Jalarambapa came from the Lohana community his work and influence was by no means confined to his own caste, as he considered all different castes and religions equally worthy of help and respect.
Jalaram bapa was born on 14th November 1799 in the town of Virpur near Rajkot in India. He got married to Virbai at the age of sixteen. His many feats of kindness, his devotion to God and his miracles are well documented - one of his biggest acts was the opening of the Jalaram Asram in Virpur. Even to this date the temple and Asram offer shelter and food to the thousands of pilgrims that visit Virpur each year.
Jalaram bapa died in 1881 whilst praying. His birthday each year is celebrated by many thousands of people across the world. His temples everywhere still serve the same prashad of "Rotla, Kitchdi, Kadhi and Shaak" and preach about the completely unselfish and kind deeds of Bapa.

Bapa deserves to be followed, not just admired